5 Reasons to go Organic November 03, 2016 11:00


1) Chemical free:
One main reason to have organic food is because they are free of harmful chemicals such as pesticides, residues, artificial colourings, preservatives, flavourings,sweeteners and other food additives that could have cumulative health effects.

2)Very Nutritious:
Since organic farming is done on richer soil, it produces healthier foods that helps in nourishing our bodies to function at a finest level. In contrast, the use of synthetic fertilisation of soil, early picking, over-processing and extended storage of food in conventional farming reduces their nutritional value.











3) More Tastier:
Higher soil nutrients, use of manure and natural fertilizers, fewer early pickings, reduced time in storage, lack of over-processing, higher natural sugar content and happier animals raised in a natural environment, all contribute to an improved quality and essence in organic food.


4) No Genetic Modification:
Organic food are certified and the only way to avoid genetically modified food is to procure organic food. Genetically modified food are not usually tested for their long term effects on our health.








5) Better For Your Children:
Young children should not be exposed to additives because it can affect their highly sensitive immune systems.Infants and children are more vulnerable to the effects of chemicals due to their larger intake of food per kilo of body weight, narrower range of food consumed, increased intake of fruit and vegetable, and the reduced ability of their developing vital organs in eradicating toxins.