Sample Kit - All White Paper Tub with Lids

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White Paper Tubs sample kit includes all sizes of white paper tubs with lids - 2pcs each.

White Paper Tubs:

  • 100ml White Paper Tub With Lid
  • 250ml White Paper Tub With Lid
  • 350ml White Paper Tub With Lid
  • 500ml White Paper Tub With Lid
  • 750ml White Paper Tub With Lid
  • 1000ml White Paper Tub With Lid
  • 1250ml White Paper Tub With Lid

Good for Liquids and Gravy - The tight locking on our White paper tub containers makes them a preferred choice for packing dal, khichdi, rice, curry, gravies, curd, and other foods. They can hold liquids and oily foods safely without any leakage issues. 

Food Grade - All our products are certified safe for food contact 

Recyclable - Made with High-Quality White Paper and Coated with a PE lining, these containers can be recycled once disposed of. 

Customize Print - write to us at if you are looking for a customized print option.   

Please note - Paper Tubs are not compostable containers. If you are looking exclusively for compostable packaging please check our bagasse containers range.