Pappco Greenware - Bamboo Fiber 6 Compartment Meal Tray/Plate - Cream - (Pack Of 2)

Rs. 1,100.00

  • 6 Compartment Meal Tray Ideal For Serving Lunch & Dinner.
  • Color :- Cream, Shape :- Rectangular , Size :- L 35.5 Cm x B 25 Cm x H 2.5 Cm , Quantity:- Pack Of 2
  • Material : - Made From "Bamboo Fiber" A Renewable Source Of Material.
  • Ultra Strong And Leak Proof
  • (1) 100% Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable and Compostable. (2) 100% Food Grade, Non-Toxic and Zero Plastic.

Main features of this bamboo fiber tableware are that it is heat resistant, dishwasher safe & reusable. This biodegradable plate is made from bamboo fiber. Sustainable everyday product, that naturally biodegrades once buried the ground. Simple and elegant design, exquisite style brings you food safety protection and provide excellent dining mood. Harmless Materials, non-toxic, odorless, readily biodegradable, use and destruction processes are non-polluting. Products quality is fully complied with national food hygiene requirements. Food safety relates to everyone's lives closely, and the safety and environmental protection of tableware should cause us concern. Choose healthy dishes, choose healthy life. Handle with care as this bamboo crockery plates are breakable.

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