5 way to have a different Diwali

5 way to have a different Diwali

Every year we make a big noise about how we should be environment friendly and not burst crackers on Diwali. While that is the case we also can do a few more things to make Diwali a tad bit special for ourselves and everyone:

1) Turn off the lights - Ironical, but this is exactly what you need to do. Diwali is the festival of lights and every household that celebrates Diwali lights up several diyas while at the same time keeping multiple house lights and decorative lights on all night. This year try to just hold the moment under the light of the diyas instead of over illuminating your houses.

There is something magical about a flickering flame that will make your Diwali feel very special. 

2) Have a cracker of a time (without crackers) - Every year there are many eco-friendly cracker options that enter the market and though they are less polluting, it is always best to gives the fireworks a complete miss. Instead gather up with your friends in the neighborhood and make some noise of a different kind. Take out your guitars, pencil boxes, water buckets and anything you can use to make a sound and get creative. 

Better still go out and take long walks, set-up a camp under the stars and appreciate the natural fireworks spread across the sky. 


3) Light up a smile - Diwali is the time of gifts and bonuses. Save up on those rupees you would otherwise spend of wasteful decorative lights and crackers and go out and give something small to someone who does not have the resources to make their own diwali special. Buying chocolates, clothes, food for those who need it and that is how you will have a Diwali in the true spirit ! 

Light a Smile


4) Be a Sweet-Heart - Another thing about Diwali is the abundance of sweets we all give and receive. This year try and be different. Get into your kitchen and try to make your own sweets for this Diwali. You can find a few recipies here

What's best is Diwali is a free pass to sending out sweets to your friends houses. Send out your own creation (good/bad) and see what happens when your unsuspecting friends try it out.

Learn to cook

Tip - You could try adding some spice to bring some fireworks in your friends mouth, or not. 

5) Understand the traditions - Diwali isn't just a day for celebration but it is a day that carries a lot of meaning, especially for us in India. Sit down with the elders in your family and try and hear stories about how Diwali celebrations have changed over the years. Read this article  to know more about why Diwali is celebrated. 

Also see how different communities celebrate the festival differently and try and replicate something new for yourself this year. 


 Go ahead and get celebrating! We wish you a very very Happy Diwali ! 

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