Hate Washing Dishes After A Party? - This will change your life August 09, 2017 01:48

Washing dishes is one of the biggest problems at home after a party and especially during festivals like Ganesh Chaturti and Diwali. With the guest coming in all day it becomes hard to manage the sink even if you have house help. Not having enough crockery or embarrassment from serving food in plates that are stained are just some of the problems that make the party worse. 


Now you can do away with all these problems simply by using ecofriendly party disposables ! 

That's correct. 

Contrary to popular belief - 

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People love using these products. It is an easy throw away as well since you can wrap up all your party waste in one bag and send it off ! 

Ecofriendly Tableware Reviews

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Don't spend your festivals in the kitchen! Buy the right products and reduce your work. 

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Weight Conscious? This tip will help you reduce your weight November 02, 2016 14:24

Did you know that you can reduce your weight just by using a smaller plate? In one experiment, conducted by Brian Wansink from Cornell University and Koert van Ittersum from the Georgia Institute of Technology, it was discovered that a shift from 12–inch plates to 10–inch plates resulted in a 22% decrease in calories. Wansink and van Ittersum concluded that the use of smaller plates causes us to eat less and this is because of the optical illusion called  Delboeuf Illusion.


If you serve small portions of food in a bigger plate, you feel like eating more, but if the same amount of food is served in a smaller plate, it gives an illusion of bigness that thwarts the appetite to some extent. This impedes larger intake of food.

According to a research there are two factors which upsurges the effectiveness of small plates in reducing consumption.

1) If the diners are serving themselves then smaller plates works well in reducing the food consumption.

2) If diners are ignorant about their consumption being observed then the use of smaller plates works the best. Altering the plate size seems to have no effect on consumption if people get to know that they are being watched.


Thanks to the Delboeuf Illusion. Now without any worries of getting fat,you can merrily eat a plate full of food just by using a smaller one!

5 way to have a different Diwali October 29, 2016 14:08

Every year we make a big noise about how we should be environment friendly and not burst crackers on Diwali. While that is the case we also can do a few more things to make Diwali a tad bit special for ourselves and everyone:

1) Turn off the lights - Ironical, but this is exactly what you need to do. Diwali is the festival of lights and every household that celebrates Diwali lights up several diyas while at the same time keeping multiple house lights and decorative lights on all night. This year try to just hold the moment under the light of the diyas instead of over illuminating your houses.

There is something magical about a flickering flame that will make your Diwali feel very special. 

2) Have a cracker of a time (without crackers) - Every year there are many eco-friendly cracker options that enter the market and though they are less polluting, it is always best to gives the fireworks a complete miss. Instead gather up with your friends in the neighborhood and make some noise of a different kind. Take out your guitars, pencil boxes, water buckets and anything you can use to make a sound and get creative. 

Better still go out and take long walks, set-up a camp under the stars and appreciate the natural fireworks spread across the sky. 


3) Light up a smile - Diwali is the time of gifts and bonuses. Save up on those rupees you would otherwise spend of wasteful decorative lights and crackers and go out and give something small to someone who does not have the resources to make their own diwali special. Buying chocolates, clothes, food for those who need it and that is how you will have a Diwali in the true spirit ! 

Light a Smile


4) Be a Sweet-Heart - Another thing about Diwali is the abundance of sweets we all give and receive. This year try and be different. Get into your kitchen and try to make your own sweets for this Diwali. You can find a few recipies here

What's best is Diwali is a free pass to sending out sweets to your friends houses. Send out your own creation (good/bad) and see what happens when your unsuspecting friends try it out.

Learn to cook

Tip - You could try adding some spice to bring some fireworks in your friends mouth, or not. 

5) Understand the traditions - Diwali isn't just a day for celebration but it is a day that carries a lot of meaning, especially for us in India. Sit down with the elders in your family and try and hear stories about how Diwali celebrations have changed over the years. Read this article  to know more about why Diwali is celebrated. 

Also see how different communities celebrate the festival differently and try and replicate something new for yourself this year. 


 Go ahead and get celebrating! We wish you a very very Happy Diwali ! 

Plastic Disposables Are Not Disposable by Design June 22, 2016 12:31

A disposable is made for using and throwing away. True. But does that mean it is ok to do so? Have we tried to see the consequence such actions may have? 

There are two aspects I understand to a disposable product - Price and purpose. While the price depends on a number of factors like materials, colour, quality etc the purpose remains the same - convenience and hygiene. Ever used a plastic water bottle instead of reusable water glass or eaten in a thermocol plate at home because your maid wasn't coming to do the dishes. I believe for most of us the answer is yes. By design disposable products are made to get you rid of your headaches of washing, storing and maintaining. And that is their SINGLE BIGGEST PROBLEM. 


Plastic Pollution


We forgot down the line that a disposable must be designed also in relation to its ultimate fate - i.e. being discarded. From the days of eating out of leaves and wood, we came to era of plastics. But truth is the Earth cannot digest plastics. Nature works by building up and breaking down and wee are trashing tons of material everyday that won't break down. EVER. 

Plastics have never occurred naturally, so 'naturally', organisms do not know how to digest them. And if that isn't already a big enough waste hazard alarm, consider this. 

Disposables don't come out of thin air and they definitely don't end that way either. There is a lot of fuel, water and energy that goes into producing one product. The product also never breaks down and does not have the ability to release this energy stored in it back to the surroundings. It is just bad economics if you keep on saving but never re-invest. Same logic applies here. What happens when we run out of resources just for the sake of convenience. Is it going to be worth it?


The Problem With Plastic


And ofcourse to add to this there is alot of data and statistics that we keep reading out. "How many times could diaper waste circle the earth, or how many plastic bottles are there per unit fish in the ocean, the health problems with cancer." All that is just waste unless we really make use of the knowledge and do something about it. 

So what can be done? 

Today when we use a disposable it is convenient for us but it is terrible for the planet. We need to somehow expand the extent of this convenience to include our environment and those living around us. We must design newer materials that do not poison the planet and at the same time we must adopt measures that make it 'inconvenient' to trash single use products without proper attention. This would include strict policies and regulations. 

We sometimes get too fixated on the economics of things and the price points which really suppresses our ability to find a solution. For us the problem is plastic, it is the pollution, the death of life- ours and of other animals and our concern should be the well being of the planet. If this has to come at the cost of an entire economy driven by plastic manufacturing then it may well be so. We can't regard the economy as important while drafting this solution because frankly for the economy plastics are not bad and we will once again fail to see the problem.


Our Plastic Problem

As consumers we must chose to reject that what harms our planet and as producers we just need to react to the consumers changing demand. The solutions will automatically appear. 



A Comparison - BAGASSE VS PLASTICS February 25, 2015 12:59

Even before we compare bagasse and plastics we know what is better and who wins. But to point out a few facts